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HB 1579 – Research and Development Tax Credit (AIM SUPPORTED)

The research and development tax credit was terminated after the 2004 tax year and Associated Industries of Missouri has been asking legislators to reinstate the credit ever since. This bill would have reauthorized the credit. Although this bill did not receive a standalone vote on the House floor, the House Economic Development Committee voted to advance the bill unanimously. The rated vote is the committee vote. The provision was included in other legislation and passed.

HB 1594 – Repeal of the 2021 Motor Fuel Tax Increase (AIM OPPOSED)

The fuel tax increase was necessary to provide funding for necessary highway improvements and to provide state funds to match federal funds. AIM supported the fuel tax increase and worked hard against this legislation and the multiple amendments filed by the sponsor, Rep. Sara Walsh (R). The rated vote is the committee vote. Thankfully, the provisions of the bill did not pass in any other bills.

HB 1684 – Adding Nuclear Generation Project Costs to Utility Bills Before Completion (AIM OPPOSED)

AIM opposed this bill that would have reversed protections added by Missouri voters from utility bill increases related to nuclear electricity generation projects until those projects have been completed and are producing electricity. The bill was filed by Rep. John Black (R).

HB 1692 – Required Immunity Liability Act (AIM OPPOSED)

This bill, sponsored by Rep. Mitch Boggs (R), would have allowed employees to sue employers over conditions they perceive to be related to any required immunization. AIM opposed this bill as an open invitation to plaintiff’s attorneys to file frivolous lawsuits against employers. Although it was passed by the Missouri House, it did not pass the Senate.

HB 1715 – Collateral Source (AIM SUPPORTED)

This bill, filed by Rep. Alex Riley (R), would have fixed a loophole exploited by plaintiffs’ attorneys that allows them to introduce evidence of costs never incurred by the plaintiff when seeking recovery of actual costs. The rated vote is a committee vote because it never received a vote in the Missouri House.

HB 1716 – Work to be Prevailing Factor in Work Comp Medical  (AIM SUPPORTED)

This tweak to the workers’ compensation statute would have clarified that work must be the prevailing factor in medical treatment. The bill was filed by Rep. Alex Riley (R) and did not pass or receive a floor vote. The rated vote is the committee vote.

HB 1717 – Asbestos Claimants Must Use Trust Funds  (AIM SUPPORTED)

The bill, filed by Rep. Alex Riley (R), would require plaintiffs alleging injuries due to asbestos first file claims against one of the several trust funds set up to pay such claims by asbestos manufacturers before bringing a suit against a going concern. The bill did not pass or receive a floor vote so the rated vote is a committee vote.

HB 1720 – Wood Energy Tax Credit Extension (AIM SUPPORTED)

Rep. Brad Pollitt (R) filed this bill that contained many agricultural and other tax credits, including an extension of the Wood Energy Tax Credit supported by AIM. The bill passed.

HB 1740 – St. Louis City Earnings Tax (AIM SUPPORTED)

The bill, filed by Rep. Shamed Dogan (R), would prevent the City of St. Louis from imposing the City Earnings Tax on income generated outside their borders. The bill did not pass and this is a committee vote.

HB 1864 – Brain Cancer Treatment Sales Tax Exemption  (AIM SUPPORTED)

This provision was passed in a bill in 2021 and vetoed by Gov. Parson due to other provisions in that bill. The standalone bill, sponsored by Rep. Lisa Thomas (R), received a committee vote but was never brought up on the House floor for a vote. It did not pass.

HB 2208 – Property Taxes on Pipelines  (AIM SUPPORTED)

This bill, filed by Rep. Phil Christofanelli (R), would allow depreciation on pipelines as personal property rather than appreciating the value as part of real property for property tax purposes. The bill did not pass, and this vote is a committee vote.

HB 2358 – Vaccination Mandates (AIM OPPOSED)

Rep. David Evans (R) filed this bill that would have allowed employees multiple exemptions from employer mandated COVID vaccination programs. The bill passed the House, but not the Senate.

HB 2400 – Tax Provisions and Research and Development Tax Credit (AIM SUPPORTED)

Rep. Dan Houx (R) filed this bill that makes several important changes to Missouri tax law: recognizing partnership level tax credit for taxes paid to other states, enacting a provision that allows some taxpayers additional federal tax benefit at no cost to Missouri, and providing a suspension of the requirements of Missouri Works agreements due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill passed.

HB 2402 – Right to Modify/Repair (AIM OPPOSED)

This bill, sponsored by Rep. Barry Hovis (R), would have required equipment manufacturers to disclose proprietary information and make software available to third parties that would allow farm and construction equipment to be modified by owners of the products and third-party repair shops. The software could then be reset to look as if no modification had taken place. Although this bill passed committee, it did not receive a vote on the House floor.

HB 2485 – Chemical Recycling and Environmental Bill (AIM SUPPORTED)

This bill, filed by Rep. Jeff Knight (R), says a company that is recycling plastics should receive a DNR permit as a manufacturer rather than a solid waste facility. The bill also includes a provision sponsored by Sen. Eric Burlison that would prevent state regulators from promulgating a regulation that is stricter than required by federal statutes and regulations, something AIM has supported for a long time. The bill passed.

SB 681 – Education and Workforce (AIM SUPPORTED)

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Cindy O’Laughlin (R), establishes a Workforce Diploma program to help adults acquire the skills they need for good jobs and establishes “competency based” educational programs in schools. The bill passed.

SB 820 – Hotel/Motel Sales Tax Exemption and Solar Exemption (AIM SUPPORTED)

This bill, sponsored by Sen. Eric Burlison (R) reestablishes a sales tax exemption for utilities that are resold to hotel/motel guests and establishes a sales tax exemption for solar equipment. The bill passed.

SB 908 – Tax Provisions (AIM SUPPORTED)

The House version of this bill (the version that was the subject of this House vote), sponsored by Sen. Andrew Koenig (R), would have prohibited St. Louis City from imposing their earnings tax on income generated outside their borders from workers working from home and would have removed limitations on the number of tax cuts available under current law when state revenues increase. We fully supported these provisions. The bill passed the House with these provisions, but the final bill did not contain these provisions.